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extern int NbThreads;
extern int OnGPUFlag;
extern int MaxNbIters;
extern int NbIters;
extern T_real TOL;
extern T_real *data;
extern T_real *dataT;
extern T_real centroid[NbClusters][NbDims];
extern T_real package[NbClusters][NbDims];
extern int *label;
extern unsigned long long int track;
extern int count[NbClusters];
extern float Tms_init;
extern float Tms_transpose;
extern float Tms_compute_assign;
extern float Tms_update;
extern double Ts_input;
extern double Ts_transfer;
extern double Ts_computation;
extern double Ts_transfer_computation;
extern double Ts_output;
extern double Ts_application;
extern double NumError;
extern FILE *fp;
void InputDataset(void);
void OutputResult(void);
void usage(int ExitCode, FILE *std);
void CommandLineParsing(int argc, char *argv[]);
void PrintConfig(void);
void PrintResultsAndPerf(void);
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