Commit 8b38e0b0 authored by Wilke Pierre's avatar Wilke Pierre
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Correction de pour gestion d'erreurs plus sympa.

parent 2d18417c
......@@ -292,7 +292,10 @@ let _ =
add_to_report "e" "E" (Code (file_contents file)));
run "Elang" !e_run eval_eprog ep;
cfg_prog_of_eprog ep >>! fun cfg ->
match cfg_prog_of_eprog ep with
| Error msg ->
record_compile_result ~error:(Some msg) "CFG";
| OK cfg ->
record_compile_result ~data:([(`Assoc ( (fun (fname,Prog.Gfun cfgfun) -> (fname, `Int (Cfg.size_fun cfgfun.cfgfunbody))) cfg))]) "CFG";
dump !cfg_dump dump_cfg_prog cfg (call_dot "cfg" "CFG");
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