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explication Makefile

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# if make is launched with a DIR variable, pass it as the -f option to
# 'make DIR=basic/mul*.e' launches all the files starting with mul in the basic directory
# otherwise, use basic/*.e as a default
OPTS := $(if $(DIR),-f $(DIR),-f basic/*.e)
FILES := $(if $(DIR),-f $(DIR),-f basic/*.e)
OPTS := $(if $(OPTS), $(OPTS),)
.PHONY: all
all: ../main.native
./ $(OPTS)
./ $(FILES) $(OPTS)
find . -name '*.ltl' -or -name '*.cfg' -or -name '*.exe' -or -name '*.s' -or -name '*.rtl' -or -name '*.ast' -or -name '*.cfg0' -or -name '*.cfg1' -or -name '*.cfg2' -or -name '*.cfg3' -or -name '*.riscv' -or -name '*.dump' -or -name '*.linear1' -or -name '*.linear' -or -name '*.html' -or -name '*.svg' -or -name '*.html' -or -name '*.lex' -or -name "*.json" | xargs -I{} rm {}
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