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moins de ports exposés

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......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ docker-qemu:
docker run --rm --user $(shell id -u):$(shell id -g) --name os-container -v $(shell pwd):/data -it pwilke/os-infosec ${MAKE} qemu ${MAKEFLAGS}
docker run --rm --user $(shell id -u):$(shell id -g) --name os-container -p 25000-26500:25000-26500 -v $(shell pwd):/data -it pwilke/os-infosec ${MAKE} qemu-gdb ${MAKEFLAGS}
docker run --rm --user $(shell id -u):$(shell id -g) --name os-container -p 26000-26003:26000-26003 -v $(shell pwd):/data -it pwilke/os-infosec ${MAKE} qemu-gdb ${MAKEFLAGS}
## FOR submitting lab solutions
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