Commit ff471a37 authored by Pradat Yoann's avatar Pradat Yoann
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rm .Rprofile

parent 092dac72
repository <- "visualisation"
if (grepl(repository, getwd())){
path <- unlist(strsplit(getwd(), repository))[1]
renv::load(file.path(path, repository))
} else {
cat(paste("WARNING: The repository", repository, "is not in the current path. Cannont load the renv environment.\n"))
cat("To remove this warning, set the correct value for 'repository' in your .Rprofile.\n")
options(prompt = "R> ", digits=4, continue = "+ ", useFancyQuotes = FALSE)
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ log/
# R
# Open cached files
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