Commit 510c85a7 authored by Wilke Pierre's avatar Wilke Pierre
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Fix bug in alpaga

parent db3d4f4a
......@@ -72,7 +72,8 @@ let follow_nt (toks,nts,rules) (n: string) : bool =
then follow (fst x)
else Set.empty) (first_prod (toks,nts,rules) (snd x))) l in
let l = List.fold_left Set.union Set.empty l in
Hashtbl.add followt n l; old <> l
Hashtbl.add followt n l;
not (Set.equal old l)
let follow_all_nt (toks,nts,rules) () = apply_on_all (follow_nt (toks,nts,rules)) nts
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