Commit 8bd48bd5 authored by Wilke Pierre's avatar Wilke Pierre
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add test file for the lexer_generator

parent 21e86f5d
open E_regexp
open Lexer_generator
open Batteries
open Utils
open Symbols
let () =
let lowercase_letters = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" in
let uppercase_letters = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" in
let digits = "0123456789" in
let other_characters = "?!=<>_ ;,{}()[]-+*/%\n\t" in
let alphabet = char_list_of_string (lowercase_letters ^ uppercase_letters ^ digits ^ other_characters) in
let letter_regexp = char_range (char_list_of_string (uppercase_letters ^ lowercase_letters)) in
let digit_regexp = char_range (char_list_of_string digits) in
let keyword_regexp s = str_regexp (char_list_of_string s) in
let regexp_list = [
(keyword_regexp "while", fun s -> Some (SYM_WHILE));
(keyword_regexp "if", fun s -> Some (SYM_IF));
] in
(fun i (rg, _) -> Printf.printf "%d: %s\n" i (string_of_regexp rg))
let nfa = nfa_of_list_regexp regexp_list in
Printf.printf "%s\n" (nfa_to_string nfa);
let oc = open_out "/tmp/" in
nfa_to_dot oc nfa;
close_out oc;
let dfa = dfa_of_nfa nfa in
let oc = open_out "/tmp/" in
dfa_to_dot oc dfa alphabet;
close_out oc;
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