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image for hangman and scientific SIP labs

FROM gitlab-research.centralesupelec.fr:4567/my-docker-images/docker-openvscode-server:latest
## software needed
## python3 and python extension for VSCode already installed in base image
# For SIP TD (except Pistus)
RUN pip3 install jupyter numpy matplotlib
REPO = gitlab-research.centralesupelec.fr:4567/my-docker-images/docker-openvscode-server-python
TAG = latest
docker buildx create --use --node new-builder
docker buildx build --push --platform "linux/amd64","linux/arm64" --tag "${REPO}:${TAG}" .
# docker-openvscode-server-python
## What
This image is based on [docker-openvscode-server](https://gitlab-research.centralesupelec.fr/my-docker-images/docker-openvscode-server),
it adds the needed tools for basic Python development.
Included libraries are:
- jupyter
- matplotlib
- numpy
## Details
- The exposed port is 3000
- The user folder is `/config`
- the user and sudo password is `abc`
- if docker is installed on your computer, you can run (amd64 or arm64 architecture) this
image, assuming you are in a specific folder that will be shared with the container at
`/config`, with:
`docker run -p 3000:3000 -v "$(pwd):/config"
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