Commit 2f893aa0 authored by Bentriou Mahmoud's avatar Bentriou Mahmoud
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small fix in constructor of ContinuousTimeModel with default g variable

parent b2089a2e
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ function ContinuousTimeModel(dim_state::Int, dim_params::Int, map_var_idx::Dict{
map_param_idx::Dict{ParameterModel,Int}, transitions::Vector{<:Transition},
p::Vector{Float64}, x0::Vector{Int}, t0::Float64,
f!::Function, isabsorbing::Function;
g::Vector{VariableModel} = keys(map_var_idx), time_bound::Float64 = Inf,
g::Vector{VariableModel} = [var for var in keys(map_var_idx)], time_bound::Float64 = Inf,
buffer_size::Int = 10, estim_min_states::Int = 50, name::String = "Unnamed")
dim_obs_state = length(g)
transitions = convert(Vector{Transition}, transitions)
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