Commit 33f82cc3 authored by Bentriou Mahmoud's avatar Bentriou Mahmoud
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performance improvement of euclidean distance automaton

parent ec345f72
......@@ -55,11 +55,14 @@ function create_euclidean_distance_automaton(m::ContinuousTimeModel, timeline::A
# l1 => l1
# Defined below
@everywhere $(func_name(:cc, :l1, :l1, 1))(S::StateLHA, x::Vector{Int}, p::Vector{Float64}) =
getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_t)] >= $(timeline)[convert(Int, getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_idx)])]
(tml = $(Tuple(timeline));
tml_idx = tml[convert(Int, getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_idx)])];
getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_t)] >= tml_idx)
@everywhere $(func_name(:us, :l1, :l1, 1))(S::StateLHA, x::Vector{Int}, p::Vector{Float64}) =
(setindex!(getfield(S, :values), getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_d)] +
(getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_n)] - $(observations)[convert(Int, getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_idx)])])^2,
(y_obs = $(Tuple(observations));
y_obs_idx = y_obs[convert(Int, getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_idx)])];
setindex!(getfield(S, :values), getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_d)] + (getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_n)] - y_obs_idx)^2,
setindex!(getfield(S, :values), getfield(S, :values)[$(idx_var_idx)] + 1.0, $(idx_var_idx)))
@everywhere $(func_name(:cc, :l1, :l1, 2))(S::StateLHA, x::Vector{Int}, p::Vector{Float64}) = true
......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ y_obs = vectorize(simulate(SIR), :I, tml_obs)
sync_SIR = SIR * create_euclidean_distance_automaton(SIR, tml_obs, y_obs, :I)
σ = simulate(sync_SIR)
test = euclidean_distance(σ, :I, tml_obs, y_obs) == σ.state_lha_end[:d]
@show test, euclidean_distance(σ, :I, tml_obs, y_obs), σ.state_lha_end[:d]
return test
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