Commit 8c673bae authored by Bentriou Mahmoud's avatar Bentriou Mahmoud
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small change to small improvement of performance in lha

parent 29d43eec
......@@ -213,13 +213,16 @@ function next_state!(Snplus1::StateLHA, A::LHA,
println("Time flies with the flow...")
# Now time flies according to the flow
for i in eachindex(Snplus1.values)
coeff_deriv = (A.flow[Snplus1.loc])[i]
values_Snplus1 = getfield(Snplus1, :values)
time_Snplus1 = getfield(Snplus1, :time)
current_loc = getfield(Snplus1, :loc)
for i in eachindex(values_Snplus1)
@inbounds coeff_deriv = (getfield(A, :flow)[current_loc])[i]
if coeff_deriv > 0
Snplus1.values[i] += coeff_deriv*(tnplus1 - Snplus1.time)
@inbounds values_Snplus1[i] += coeff_deriv*(tnplus1 - time_Snplus1)
Snplus1.time = tnplus1
setfield!(Snplus1, :time, tnplus1)
if verbose
@show Snplus1
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