Commit 9c7c802b authored by Bentriou Mahmoud's avatar Bentriou Mahmoud
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small rewrite of assert print in ParametricModel

parent 9cbfdc4a
......@@ -147,12 +147,12 @@ function ParametricModel(am::Model, priors::Tuple{ParameterModel,UnivariateDistr
_param_idx = zeros(Int, 0)
for prior in priors
check_vars = true
str_p = prior[1]
name_p = prior[1]
distribution = prior[2]
@assert str_p in keys(m.map_param_idx)
push!(params, str_p)
@assert name_p in keys(m.map_param_idx) "Unknown model parameter in the definition of a ParametricModel"
push!(params, name_p)
push!(distributions, distribution)
push!(_param_idx, m.map_param_idx[str_p])
push!(_param_idx, m.map_param_idx[name_p])
return ParametricModel(am, params, product_distribution(distributions), _param_idx)
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