Commit c22108a3 authored by Bentriou Mahmoud's avatar Bentriou Mahmoud
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more methods set_x0!

parent 7a33a34f
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ export get_index, get_value, length_var, isaccepted
export simulate, volatile_simulate
export distribute_mean_value_lha, mean_value_lha, distribute_prob_accept_lha
export set_param!, set_x0!, set_time_bound!, set_observed_var!, observe_all!
export get_param, getproperty, get_proba_model, get_observed_var
export get_param, get_x0, getproperty, get_proba_model, get_observed_var
export isbounded, isaccepted, check_consistency
export draw_model!, draw!, fill!, prior_pdf!, prior_pdf, insupport
......@@ -465,6 +465,17 @@ function set_param!(am::Model, l_name_p::Vector{ParameterModel}, p::Vector{Float
set_param!(m, l_name_p[i], p[i])
function set_x0!(am::Model, l_name_var::Vector{VariableModel}, x0::Vector{Int})
m = get_proba_model(am)
@assert length(l_name_var) == length(x0) "State names vector state values haven't the same dimensions"
for i = eachindex(l_name_var)
set_x0!(m, l_name_var[i], x0[i])
function set_x0!(am::Model, name_var::VariableModel, var_i::Int)
m = get_proba_model(am)
m.x0[m.map_var_idx[name_var]] = var_i
function set_x0!(am::Model, new_x0::Vector{Int})
m = get_proba_model(am)
@assert length(new_x0) == m.dim_state "New x0 vector hasn't the dimension of state space"
......@@ -472,8 +483,8 @@ function set_x0!(am::Model, new_x0::Vector{Int})
set_time_bound!(am::Model, b::Float64) = (get_proba_model(am).time_bound = b)
get_param(am::Model) = get_proba_model(am).p
get_x0(am::Model) = get_proba_model(am).x0
function getindex(am::Model, name_p::ParameterModel)
m = get_proba_model(am)
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